Wednesday, February 01, 2006

asking bridesmaids: You can Wear it Again!

I was just asked to be in my friend Liz's wedding... yay!

You know how there are some friends that you're just *hoping* you'll get to stand up for? (The same way you want all your bridesmaids to feel when you ask!) Of course it is always an honor, but we all have friends we are closer to, so those tend to be the weddings we're most looking forward to & will be most excited to be involved in. This is one of those- so fun!

I love how a lot of brides-to-be come up with creative & personal ways to ask their bridesmaids... boys just don't have as much fun as us. My husband was actually asked over email to be a groomsman once! Seriously.

When Liz asked, she gave me the cutest little book - 'You Can Wear It Again'. It is a celebration of some of the 'best' (aka horrible!) Bridesmaid Dresses... too funny! She even included a little note for me to let her know my favorite page so she could order it. ;) Some learnings from my readings:
* The looooved their poufy sleeves in the 80's (at least I hope it was the 80's!). That and shimmery teal... now won't that make your hips & butt look like & small?!
* Vertical stripes really are as unflattering as you hear
* Head wreaths (be it tulle, a tiara, or flowered) really should be left to the flower girl
* One can make a parasol from feathers

Definately a great pick-me-up book! Happy readings... and remember to be nice to your bridesmaids, or your wedding could end up in a book like this someday!

i heart weddings,


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