Thursday, February 09, 2006

bridal beauty: i flip for flops!

Hm... not sure that title makes much sense... moving on...

Something I did at my wedding & highly reccommend is getting yourself a nice comfy pair of shoes to wear after dinner & all the main pictures have been taken. I'm one of those girls who loves beautiful shoes, but what my mind & my toes like are completely different things. Most of the time (at other people's weddings...) I'm one of those people who walks around barefoot after a certain point in the night.

Thinking that it probably wasn't appropriate for the girl in the big white dress to be barefoot, I planned ahead. I got some nice, high flip flops (similar to these ones), so that my dress wouldn't drag, but ballet flats or anything comfy would work. I was so happy I did - I could dance & mingle all night, without being unfomfortable. I think if you do the same, your toes will thank you too!

i heart weddings,


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