Wednesday, February 15, 2006

bridal shower: The Book Stops Here!

My family has this bridal shower game we always play- my sister, cousins, and I all groan when it gets pulled out- but recently a friend asked for the info so she could play it at a shower she is hosting. So I was thinking about it- it's actually pretty cute... the groans are just because we have all played it at so many bridal & baby showers over the years. We may be sick of it, but the other guests always seem to enjoy it!

The 'game' consists of this little booklet which has a rhyme/task on each page- it's super cheesy, but always gets people laughing (or commiserating...) and gets the whole table interacting. A huge bonus is that nobody really gets put on the spot... I hate games where I feel pressure to be funny, or remember facts... this one is super simple! At the end the 'winner' gets a small prize (or I have seen the winner get the shower centerpiece to take home).

You can download a copy of the Word Document we use here. To assemble, follow these easy steps:
* Print a copy of this document - 1 for each TABLE
* Cut all pages in half horizontally so that you now have sixteen 8.5 x 5.5 pages (rather than eight 8.5 x 11)
* Optional: Make a cover for your book... this turns out nicest if you use a heavier cardstock... be creative! Entice your shower guests to play! Adding a back cover to the book (for added stability) is also nice.
* Layer all pages together... the cover on top, pages in order, and backing
* Punch 2 holes slightly in from the left-hand edge (this will become the 'spine' of the booklet)
* String some ribbon through the holes & tie in a bow

That's it! Now you have a simple ice breaker for your upcoming shower... enjoy! (And let me know how it goes!)
i heart weddings,


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