Wednesday, April 12, 2006

paper goodies: Hidden Message STD's

So, I was reading my newest Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine (Spring 2006) last night & came across an article on Save The Dates... yippee! How exciting to find two things I adore (Save The Dates & all things Martha) together!

Of course I found just about everything included adorable, but I literally said "That is SOOO cool!" outloud at this idea. I was reading in bed and my husband looked over & sighed... probably either because I am still reading wedding magazines, or that I could actually find a card 'sooo cool'. He just doesn't get it!

Anyway, the basic idea is that the front of the card reads 'Save the Date', but then you open it and the letters are actually part of a larger message! My mock-ups of the closed & open designs are shown here (since the pics on her website are kinda small)- I added a dotted line on the 'open' view so you can see the letters that form the 'Save The Date' message.

Instructions from their website:
Making The Secret Message Save-The-Date
1) Download the template here.
For the borders at the top and bottom of the card, highlight each date, and type in your own; once you've changed the first two dates, the rest should automatically update.

2) Subsitute your wedding date in the first line of the card. You may need to change the wording slightly if your date takes up more space (for instance: “saturday, september 23: we would love to have”) or less space (for instance: “saturday, march 1st: we would be happy to have” or “sunday, june 1: we would be so honored to have”).

3) Highlight each name in the bottom line and fill in your own.

4) Click the "print" button on the template when you're ready to print (don't use your web browser's "print" button). Adjust your page setup by clicking the "preferences" button. Select the "paper" tab and set the paper size to “tabloid” (11x17 paper); then select the "basics" tab and set your orientation to “landscape.”

So cute and unique... plus the template on her website makes it easy!
i heart weddings,


Blogger Marga said...

Does anyone still have this template saved in pdf form?

I'd like to download it, however the template has been removed from the site (link will not work).

Please send to:

4:43 PM  
Blogger Lindsay said...

Hi there -- I really want to make these save the dates for my upcoming June wedding, but the template you linked is no longer available. You don't happen to have it stored away somewhere, do you? If so, I'd LOVE to have it. Thanks so much!!

8:09 PM  

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