Tuesday, April 04, 2006

reception idea: homemade table runners

When looking to decorate a reception location, the hardest thing to do can be to bring a splash of color without breaking the bank. Colored table linens are a great option, but may be out of reach for many bride's budgets (it was for mine!). A nice alternative is to add some color with easy, no-sew table runners!

How many runners to make is up to you... Knottie UofMWedding (picture above) had her green ones on every other table). At my wedding, we only had runners at the Cake Table, Escort Card table, and Guest Book table.

Supplies Needed:
* Fabric (get a coupon for JoAnn's in the paper or sign up to receive their email neweletter to save some money!).
* Stitch Witchery or other iron-on hemming material
* Scissors - Sewing scissors are best, cause their sharp edges will make the fabric easier to cut
* Iron


  1. Cut your fabric slightly larger than the final runner size, leaving about 1-2" of extra length around the edges

  2. Start making the hems for the 2 longer sides... work slowly down the length of the fabric, folding the edge in. As you fold, iron down the 'hem' (no Stitch Witchery yet!)... for best results, GO SLOW and fold in the opposite sides at the same time. Periodically, measure that the width of your runner is staying consistent. You may want to use pins to hold down your edge as you iron it to make sure you don't burn your fingers!

  3. After the folded edges have cooled, lift up the 'flap' you just made and line the crease with the Stitch Witchery.

  4. Iron again, the Stitch Witchery securing the hems you created.

  5. Fold over the final 2 sides in a similar manner

* Inexpensive cotton quiliting material has been recommended by several brides... I used a more satin-y fabric and the results weren't quite as good - something with a bit of sheen will make the 'hem' edges more obvious. Go for a nice, matte fabric for a better end result.
* The size depends the size of your tables. Still, many brides make the runners 1.5-2' wide and have the edges hang over the edge of the table about 2'

From different accounts I've read, these will end up costing about $2-3 each... much cheaper than just about anything else you can do to make such an impact!
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Anonymous Kristi said...

Thanks for the post! I have been searching for an affordable idea forever. Just wanted to throw another recommendation out there that I am considering as well - one bride suggested using chair sashes as runners (satin or organza) they typically sell for $1.50 - $2.00 and are usually 8" wide and 108" long. Not quite as wide but the lenght is there! Thought it might be helpful to those of you that may not have time to make your own!

2:10 PM  

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