Wednesday, March 29, 2006

paper goodies: Escort Card in Envelopes

I have something that I need to admit publicly... I am addicted to Paper Source. I realize that this is a paper store, but I have a full-blown obsession... I could spend hours in there, just wandering the aisles (the stores aren't really that big!) & thinking of projects I could make. My husband is always scared when I head to one of their stores (lucky me, Chicago has 2 in the city!) - he knows I am incapable of leaving empty handed.

I highly recommend getting their catalog... even if you don't buy your supplies from them, they have great ideas & color combinations... I find myself saving them for future inspiration. You can get on their mailing list in-store, or here on their website (the link to Catalog Sign Up can also be found at the bottom of any page of their site).

I received their 'Weddings 2006' catalog a bit ago & it is full of gorgeous paper goods... A cute idea I loved is using their Escort Cards in their baby envelopes. A (very bad) picture of what the catalog had is here:

How cute is that? You can get the escort cards in many fonts & colors, then buy any color baby envelope. I love putting the names on the circle stickers! PLUS - you can get the envelopes ready ahead of time... just slip the escort card in once the tables have been assigned! Paper Source also sells a numerical stamp set, to make it easy to add the table numbers to the cards.

If you go with this idea, a really personal touch would be to write a little note to each guest on their escort card- then it really is like getting a card! This doesn't have to be something long, just a simple "We're so glad you're here", "Thanks for travelling so far to join us today", or "Can't wait to see you on the dancefloor!" is great.

As a hint, I read of a bride that did this and she wrote the notes as the RSVPs came in... that way, you only have a few a day and it doesn't become an overwhelming task.

Super cute, and it will make your guests feel extra special.
i heart weddings,


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