Wednesday, April 05, 2006

misc ideas: personalized water bottles

I must preface this post by saying that yes, I realize that this is totally unnecessary & over-the-top. I do know that. Still, it's super cute, easy & cheap- all good ingredients for a DIY project!
It would make a personalized touch to an Out-of-Town bag, or a welcome addition to an outdoor venue.

The label can be as simple as just your initials or monogram with your wedding date on it. Make it in your colors or with your 'logo' to help carry through the theme.

In this example, the back of the label mimics a real ingredients label, stating:
Serving Size: 1 Happy Couple Love....100%
Laughter.... 100%
Respect.... 100%
Bottled with love for x and y's wedding
Making the labels is easy- to determine the size, just rip the original label off one of your bottles and measure. You can fit several labels on one piece of paper & then cut... a few pieces of double-sided tape finishes the project!

Also, found some pre-made labels here... the bonus is that they will be water-resistant when you're finished!

i heart weddings,


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