Tuesday, February 21, 2006

bachelorette parties: BOAS!

For bachelorette parties, as a general rule I am anti all things penis-decorated. I mean, chances are nobody really thinks (or cares!) that she has never seen a penis before... it's just gross and tacky and unnecessary. Some people love it, but I always cringe when I see a penis-decorated veil on a girl out at the bar... give the poor girl pictures she can show her grandmother! (OK, well at least *some* of them... ;)

That being said, there is no reason to not be flamboyant & over-the-top for your Bachelorette party, to plan one differently. I personally think a Veil at least is a must- even for those of you who don't normally like being the center of attention, think of it as practice for the wedding. Or at least a nice way to get bought drinks!

When we had my Bachelorette Party, my sister planned something that was so much fun -- she asked everyone to wear all black & she got everyone bright pink boas (mine was white). It was so much fun being out in Chicago in them- it's hard not to make a scene or to get a little crazy in a boa. Plus I loved that it was so easy for the group to find one another in the dark bars.

I asked where she got them & she said that ebay was the best boa resource (& best prices) she found. I'm helping to plan a friend's bachelorette in Vegas & we'll definately be revisiting this idea... If you DO end up doing this, I'd love to hear how it went & see pics!

i heart weddings,


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