Monday, April 17, 2006

outfits: Loving Long Veils

When it came time to determine my bridal attire, I initially didn't want a veil- it's just seemed too old-fashioned & traditional for my taste. Still, once I tried one on I was hooked... it was just so... well, Bridal. Took the whole outfit from just an expensive, pretty, white dress to a Wedding Dress.

I didn't personally have a long veil- I decided on something shorter (fingertip length, I think it was called) and more manageable that I could wear all night. Plus, seeing as the 'aisle' I was walking down was outdoors & more of a stone path than anything, it didn't seem practical. (Especially once it was raining all morning the day of, so the ground was nice & muddy...)

Still, when I see pictures of brides in their super-long veils, I have a twinge of jealousy... they're so gorgeous & flowing and make for the most amazing pictures. Long veils seem to have a life of their own, and the air of unexpectedness (especially outdoors!) adds a certain charm. I had to share some of my favorite long-veiled brides- enjoy!

If you're debating lengths, maybe this will push you towards the longer option...
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