Saturday, February 25, 2006

bridal shower: Candy Rose Favors

I was flipping through an old Martha Stewart Weddings magazine (Winter/Spring 1998, to be exact!) and saw this adorable idea for a favor at a bridal shower. It's a little tulle-wrapped packet of jordan almonds, peeking out from the center of a satiny ribbon rose.

The steps are pretty simple to follow, but the result is really impressive!

Supplies Needed:
* Tulle
* Jordan Almonds
* Wire (they suggest 18-gauge)
* Floral Tape
* 2.5" wide satin ribbon (will need about 1 foot for each rose)

To make one:
1) Wrap three almonds in tulle
2) Cinch the tulle with strong thread, and trim the excess
3) Pierce the tulle at the bottom with a piece of wire
4) Wrap the step (wire) in green floral tape, starting at the top, near the almonds
5) Fold one corner of the ribbon down
6) Place the almonds on the folded ribbon
7) Wrap the corner of the ribbon around the stem; hold in place with your thumb
8) With your free hand, wrap & fold the ribbon around the almonds until you settle on a pleasing shape
9) Hold the ribbon end at the bottom of the blossom & wrap in floral tape
10) Finish it off with a leaf-shaped name tag


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