Wednesday, March 01, 2006

paper goodies: Love these STDs!

When I was helping my friend make the Save-the-Dates for her wedding, I mentioned in an email something about the "STD"s and she almost died laughing-- she already felt like the whole wedding-planning world is like an alien planet, but now we actually want STDs?! OK, so it doesn't help that she is in Med School, but still... just another sign that wedding planning really does open a whole new world you never knew existed!

Even despite the strange terminology, I have this strange obsession with Save-The-Dates... I love that they can be playful & fun, and don't seem to have as many 'rules' as formal invites do (though I think those rules can be bent too...).

I came across these STDs from Debutante Riot and absolutely adore them! They're fun & funky without being too cutesy... from their website:
Finding the perfect wedding dress is hard -- making sure you have all of your nearest and dearest available to share your day is easy.

10 letterpress cards and matching sage green envelopes with room for a 4x6 engagement photo. (Folded cards measure 6.25" x 4.5" - $20 for 10 cards)

We're taking the plunge, making it legal, betrothed, getting married, spoken for, getting hitched, tying the knot, off the market

We hope you're not otherwise engaged. Please save the date for our wedding. Who, When, Where Formal invitation to follow.

What guest wouldn't smile to find these in her mailbox?!
i heart weddings,


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