Monday, May 15, 2006

couple's shower games: Pick a Side!

Many brides & guests I've talked to don't really like Shower Games... they're normally fairly cheesy and/or embarassing for everyone involved. I personally don't want to be the center of attention as I am wrapped in toilet paper. Some people like them (read- my mom :), but many people prefer to do without. Still, then you need a way to fill the time and an organized game is nice for that.

I was at a couple's shower this weekend & they played a GREAT game for a Couple's Shower. It was fairly short & sweet, plus the only ones who had to participtate were the bride & groom! The guests were all free to just watch (& heckle). Here's how you play:

* The bride & groom are seated in chairs placed back-to-back, so that they cannot see one another.
* Each is given 1 blue ribbon & 1 pink ribbon... they use these ribbons to answer questions- blue means the GROOM and pink means the BRIDE
* They are asked a series of 'Who is...' questions & have to raise the ribbon that indicates their answer

Some questions to ask the lucky couple:
-Who is more romantic
-Who is more likely to get in a car accident
-Who is more likely to cook dinner
-Who is more likely to want to go out to dinner
-Who is more likely to change diapers one day
-Who will want kids first
-Who cleans the toilet
-Who is more likely to get cold feet (!)
And of course, the final question has to be...
-Who is more excited for the wedding?!

Everyone had a great time with it, cheering and booing as needed when they answered the same or differently. Hopefully it will be a welcome addition to your couple's shower!
i heart weddings,


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