Friday, July 07, 2006

decorations: Chair Sashes

It would be great if we all could afford gorgeous Chivari Chairs for our big events (I know I couldn't!), but many times the chairs that come with the location will just have to do. An easy way to dress them up (especially if they are not-so-pretty & you want them hidden!) is with Chair Covers. While not necessary, they do add a polished feel to a room and can be used to help pull in a splash of color.

The picture to the left is actually what inspired us to create the same look at our reception: we bought 2" thick purple satin ribbon (we got ours from Paper Mart) and tied them in a knot (I wanted no bows!) around the chairs.

This picture to the right shows a cute way to dress this up - tuck a flower into each sash! This would be a cute way to bring in some florals for those who don't want to spend money on large floral centerpieces & would make an easy DIY flower project.

I personally didn't want the look of a typical chair cover sash... many times you can rent a thick organza sash with your chair covers. Still, had I found the tying ideas at BBJ Linen, I think I may have changed my mind! Check out their instructions for all sorts of ties on all sorts of chairs... just gorgeous!

You can find this one under Chivari Advanced --> Wrap Around with Tootsie Roll at Center of Back*

Renting Chair Covers from your reception hall is typically very expensive, and will probably be more than if you shop around on your own. There are lots of companies that allow you to order the chair covers & sashes and they mail them to you - you (or your family & friends!) will need to do the setup & tear-down on your own.

You could also ask around among brides & your other vendors for someone in your area. The seamstress in the Detroit area I rented mine from (a favorite among the Detroit knotties!) has amazing prices and included setup & tear-down. It was wonderful to not have to worry about this at all & know someone else would make sure it all got done. Keep in mind that, if you're paying someone else to set up, you'll probably need to pay more for any of the fancy ties mentioned above, so get the details about exactly what kind of 'setup' is included.

Hope that helps some of you who are contemplating Chair Covers...
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