Monday, January 30, 2006


Hi All...
Before I start documenting my love of all things wedding for the world to see, I thought a little background info was in order!

My name is Nicole and I am married (as of July 2005), which means that I should technically be wedding-ed out after planning my own. I think most people are afterwards. But I seriously heart weddings!

I really wasn't ever one of those girls who had envisioned her wedding since preschool. I just knew I wanted to have one some day, I wanted it to be fun & I wanted it to be unique. When we started planning ours in January 2005, I was so overwhelmed... I could have gone a million different ways! Chic black with red roses? Sure! Bright sunny colors? Sounds gorgeous! Classy champagne accents with green flowers? Love it! I almost drove my poor mom and sister nuts, looking at those little swatches of fabric for the bridesmaid dresses (who can tell what the color will really look like from a 1"x1" square?!).

Eventually I settled down, made some decisions, and we had an amazing day. (The Bridesmaid dresses were Purple, with bright green, orange and purple flowers, for those keeping track... :) BUT, I think the fact that I was enamored with so many potential ideas is part of my continued wedding love. I get excited when my friends let me help plan their upcoming festivities -- that means I get to see more ideas come to life!

Anyway, today I get to live out part of my wedding obsession through the company my hubby & I started: We make the most adorable "Shoe Jewels" (you have to see them to understand... but then I think you'll agree!) & personalize each one to the design & colors of our brides.

Other than that, I still can't stop myself from buying wedding magazines sometimes (it's business research, right?! right?) & I am always offering my help in making my friends wedding websites, invitations, or just someone to toss around ideas with! I hope you'll like my ideas & mussings too!

i heart weddings,